Alcohol A Love Story

“Alcohol A Love Story is a collection of painted flashbacks. Fond memories of my interactions with alcohol. From the earliest days of pouring altar boy wine in the seventies, to my very recent introduction to a drink called Ranch Water after a relocation to Dallas. It’s all in here. Half painted, half alphabetical musings, the book is a testament to ‘don’t think, just paint’. The one exception to this rule is my son who recently became a pool boy after college. He mentioned to me that an Arnold Palmer with booze is called a John Daly! I painted this immediately. It’s under J for John Daly. I am thrilled to be exhibiting all the original artwork from my new book at Cerulean Gallery around the corner from my house. There is no boozier town than Highland Park! The perfect backdrop for an artistic excuse to all get together and raise our glasses! Cheers.” – Donald

January 22, 2022
6 - 9 PM

6609A Hillcrest Ave Dallas, TX 75205

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