Terry Martin

Dallas and Amarillo Galleries

Intentionality is powerful, a game changer. In my art, I explore notions of reality and my perception of the human condition. I choose to believe there is good in the world and allow my art to be an instrument in providing more of it. In conjunction with intention, I also paint with intuition. At times, my pieces are joyful and relaxed. Other times, they are carefully crafted with intense focus. Most of the time, it is a balance of both. I am romantic about my art, but also keep a good sense of humor and playfulness in my process. Art has been a healer and source of inspiration for me. It is my wish that when you look at piece intended for you, it will instill a passionate fire, wash over you with peace, or simply make you pause and smile.

My process for each piece always begins with a free flow form of media for its base. A perfectionist at heart, this gives me somewhere to begin where I have little control. I then allow myself to then see “the good” or the beauty in the imperfect. Lines and shapes begin to take form in my mind. I will then use a more structured eye to create around and with the initial free-form shape, forming it into a complete piece. In this way, I am practicing taking something that is imperfect, incomplete, uncontrollable, and choosing to see it as a wonderful place to start in order to find beauty and meaning.

Media Used
Oil, acrylic, pastel, spray paint, alcohol ink, watercolor