Shannon Pierce

Dallas and Amarillo Galleries

As the child of a Marine fighter pilot I spent my childhood traveling to and living in the most exciting of places: Japan, Hawaii, Arizona, the Carolinas and more. My family picked up and started over every year or so; life was an adventure. Eventually we ended up in Lubbock, Texas surrounded by flat lands and cotton fields. I remember when the plane landed I looked around at the brown earth that seemed to go on forever and wondered when we would reach the town and the hills and the trees. Of all the beautiful places we had lived I could not believe we ended up in such a remote, colorless place. A few years later, while at Texas Tech, I took a class on the history of the American West from Dan Flores, a historian who was in love with the plains of the Panhandle. With a greater understanding of the area’s history and culture I soon found myself in love with the land too.

All of my work focuses on West Texas: the land, its animals, or skies. Each piece begins with an acrylic base and is finished with multiple layers of oil pastels which I can spread thinly to allow the underpainting to show through or build up the colors to a thick paste. I paint because I believe I look at things differently than most people do, and I want others to see what I see. My hope is that long after I am gone there will be a few people out there who are moved in some way by a piece of my art hanging on their wall.