Olivia Bonilla

Dallas Gallery

Olivia Bonilla is a renowned pop art sculptor, celebrated for her larger-than-life cupcakes, mega gummy bears, and novelty Cowboy Candy collection.

About the HEART KANDY collection

“My work has always been about materiality and nostalgia. Whether it’s making cupcake stacks out of pigmented cement, or using resin for a hard candy finish.  Materiality has always been my motivation behind exploring pop art confections.  In casting a new form I called Heart Kandy, I have expanded my experimentation with automotive paint and the use of airbrushing techniques. The Heart Kandy pieces are named after their chosen material, Kandy paintwhich is considered to be the “watercolor” of automotive paint. Applied in transparent layers over a sparkly silver, then layers of tinted resin for a rich glass like finish. This collection is a sculptural splash of vivid color.” ~ Olivia Bonilla

Artist Statement

“I am a first generation, Colombian-American visual artist, working primarily in sculpture. My work depicts the idea of a sugar-coated existence, a reflection of excess and indulgence within popular culture.

The confectionary theme is a vessel to tell a story about nostalgia, satire, and humor.  My primary use of unconventional materials are explored through pigmented cement, assemblage, resin and automotive finishes.

Pigmented cement transforms into confectionery “fluff”, resin appears wet to touch and automotive paint replaces traditional sculpture patinas.

I find harmony in complementary colors.  Color serves as an intuitive connection for themes to exist. Driven by childhood memories and toy culture, I aim to communicate sculptural vignettes of a visual playground.

Olivia Bonilla has a BFA in painting with a minor in sculpture from Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts. She was a featured artist at the 2019-2022 Affordable Art Fair in NYC and has been featured in publications such as Vogue Portugal, House Beautiful, and Traditional Home.