Libby Beall Goff

Dallas Gallery

With twenty-five years of experience in Fine Art Black and White photography, Goff’s work resonates with the viewer, inspiring each individual to connect an image with a “story” from his or her own life.  Libby Beall Goff has been published in magazines, coffee table books, music videos, documentary films, virtual sites and private collections. Goff focuses on “lifestyle” photography that captures a variety of emotions from the innocence of a child to the power of nature. Her images range from the Lower 9th ward in New Orleans to Haiti, Europe to documenting Indigenous Cultures, the African plains to the majesty of the Colorado Mountains and the Americas.

Most work is in a series of seventy-five prints per image. Yet, all hand-painted and sketched photographs are demonstrably different and unique to that master photograph.

Goff donates a great deal of her professional resources to the Dallas-Haiti Project, a non-profit organization she co-founded 19 years ago. Goff travels with several non-profits as a photographic documentarian and will continue creating art exploring significant themes of life: the human connection, indigenous cultures, wildlife and the beauty of our natural world.

She lives in Dallas and part time in Colorado with her husband, Rusty and they adore sharing life with their three adult children.

“It is a great honor to be showing with Ms. Caroline Crockett Kneese, a veteran of the art world who opened her first Fine Art Gallery in 2006. She is an experience curator, artist and the Founder and Director of the Cerulean Gallery in Dallas.”