Gare Overstreet

Dallas and Amarillo Galleries

Gare is a native of Amarillo Texas who has lived here for about half of his life, moved away, then returned in 2012. His professional career in industrial electrical and automation has taken him throughout the Western United States and some of the East. “They don’t build gas plants in our backyard, so you gotta’ go where the work is.” This has allowed him to gather a vast array of photographs from different places and in different styles.

Gare had his first camera at nine years old. Photography didn’t become a passion until he was a ski bum in Montana for a full season, after which he was hooked.  The challenge of photographing weddings paid for the equipment needed, but did not fulfill the emotion Gare longed to express through his Photographic Art.  In came the digital age and he bought his first Nikon DSLR in 2013.  This purchase re-ignited his passion for photography, which took off like wildfire!

He doesn’t use Photoshop for editing, just a few simple programs for basic enhancement to recreate the realism he originally saw through the lens.

“I like to grab that scene or detail that catches my eye and spins my head around. I want everyone to see the beauty I see.”

Preferring the Western and back roads scenes that are slowly dwindling away, this is where you will find Gare and his camera.  Or you may find him focusing his lens on some small detail that is overlooked by others in their busy lives.