Cale Rogers

Dallas and Amarillo Galleries

One of the greatest powers of visual art is its unique ability to

emotionally move and inspire the viewer. My work takes

advantage of the emotional power of different techniques.

Something as simple as a scribble can add depth and

intricacy, while color brings unity to the piece.

Robert Rauschenberg’s “combines” were very influential in

my development as an artist. Even though our world views

differ, his art transcends our differences and speaks to me. It

is my desire to make that same connection with others

through my art.


“You begin with the possibilities of the material. “

(Robert Rauschenberg)



2021 Off the Grid, Cerulean Gallery

2020 A Night of Artist and Chefs

2015-18 Diio Art Gallery

2017-18 VACE judge

2012-16-17 Taught 3 abstract workshops Amarillo Art Institute

2016 Amarillo Art Institute Board of Directors

2012 Amarillo Art Institute Volunteer of the Year

Current Volunteer at the Amarillo Art Institute

Current Showing at Cask & Cork Amarillo

2016 Group showing

Convention and Visitor Council Arts,

Amarillo International Airport


2016 1st Solo artist Convention and Visitor Council Arts,

Amarillo International Airport


2015 Group showing Amarillo Diagnostic Center

2015 Group showing Amarillo National Bank

2014-17 Amarillo Museum of Art 12X12

2012 Object Art Gallery