Allison Castillo

Dallas Gallery

Artist and Fort Worth native, Allison Hoffer Castillo, is most recognized for her Love series where she paints with a vibrant color palette and generous layers of graffiti. Allison explains, “This series emerged amid the pandemic as a way of healing and to feel connected to others. The joy I experience from creating these pieces and the happiness they bring is life-giving.”
Allison finds inspiration in motivational podcasts, uplifting music and everyday life as a mother of three children. Her favorite mantra “all of this is temporary’’ personifies her creative process and can be found woven into her work. Other unique words and phrases appear in the Love series making each piece feel like its own experience.
Allison’s work can be found on multiple continents; she is featured in HGTV magazine and collaborations with Barrington Gifts and Paper Sunday. She is represented by Cerulean Gallery in Dallas, Texas and Five 3 Gallery in Laguna Beach, California.