Allison Castillo

Dallas Gallery

For Allison Hoffer Castillo, a native of Fort Worth and mother of three, painting and creating are the

ways and means of everyday life. Allison gets lost (and found) in her work, wholly trusting the creative

process. She is most recognized for her vibrant color palette and multitude of layers in her “Love” series.

“…my love paintings emerged right around the start of covid and after healing from the end of a 17-year

marriage- I found myself unexpectedly & crazy in love. I never realized the joy I would experience from

others when I first started this series. Hearing and seeing the happiness the paintings give is the best

thing “.

Allison listens to motivating podcasts, uplifting music and often her own children playing while she

paints. The unique graffiti style she created is the perfect avenue to explore her creative and curious

mind. “All of this is temporary” is a personal favorite and daily mantra that she embodies. “I would love

to think one of the word or phrases would make someone stop for just a second, spark something,

relish in a memory or just feel inspired.”

Allison work is featured all over the globe, in HGTV magazine and she has collaborations with Barrington

Gifts and Paper Sunday. She is represented by Cerulean Gallery in Dallas, TX and Five 3 Gallery in Laguna

Beach , California.