Warren Hill

Artist Bio

Creativity is the drive. Inspiration given from the past and found in the present. These are the motivations that never leave me.

This romance with art began with me as a child. My adolescent story tellers, with name like Remington, Russell, Terpning, and Wyatt, illustrated a world that had past. However, coming from a ranching family, my fortune was to still live and walk in the remnants of that world as it transitioned to a modern era. My interpretations of the world I have lived start with my respect and adoration of the past and the continual amazement of the modern times of today.

I have painted and sculpted all of my life. Over the last decade, I have pursued an artistic life, with the creative process being the only common denominator. I have never conquered the desire to work with only material, technique, or dimension. It has always seemed that my mind has never been satisfied with one discipline. There is so much to explore, so much to learn. I’m afraid my fascination with art has no boundaries. A curse I will gladly accept.

Warren Hill, b. ’71. Amarillo, Texas