Sarah Atlee

Artist Bio

After 20 years as a professional painter, Sarah Atlee pivoted to focus on quilting as her primary art form. Atlee is known for her colorful and geometric compositions, rich with energy and free-form texture. Using improvisational patchwork and reclaimed textiles, Atlee creates mindful, joyful quilts that are at home on both art gallery walls and your cozy couch. Visitors are always welcome at

I am at a critical juncture in my art practice. For many years I have built a career on painting, exploring a variety of abstract and realist techniques. After getting stuck in a painting rut, I have shifted my focus to fiber art, quilting in particular. I now dedicate my full-time studio practice to exploring quilting as an art form.

Working with found, reclaimed, and donated fabrics is crucial to my practice. I source materials from what is around me – discarded clothing or other textiles, local thrift store finds, even antique market bargains. My experience using donated fabrics has taught me that even the unlikeliest materials can work together, if you’re willing to be surprised. In this way I can keep fabric out of the landfill while breaking down barriers around traditional expectations of quilting and fine art. By practicing an ancient art born of necessity, I connect with our shared past while reflecting on self-sufficiency in consumer culture.

Memory is like paper – every recollection creates a new fold that changes its structure forever. We fold our memories over and over, each time moving further from the original experience. I use the acts of drawing and painting to encode memory and emotion using the visual language of color, shape, and texture.