Patricia Murphy Robitaille

Artist Bio

I began my endeavor into art after 20 years in the ballet world. When my career in dance came to an end, I realized that I still desired to be creative. I discovered that drawing and painting seemed to be the natural transition. I went from making lines in space with my body to making bodies in space with my lines.

I was initially drawn to figurative works in graphite or charcoal, then later adding watercolor to produce accurate portrayals of models with lost and found edges inherent to that medium. Graphite, charcoal, ink, acrylic, and pastel are the mediums I use in my current work yet the influence of watercolor and digital art are the underlying threads that weave within each piece. My subject matter evolved into animals, particularly birds and horses. By combining unpredictable materials with my images, I am able to capture the essence of each subject while allowing each piece to have a life of its own. I hope that my work always evolves so that it is a continuous road to more discoveries in the possibilities or the materials themselves and in my way of seeing, perceiving, and presenting art.