Neal Nossaman

Artist Bio

Neal Nossaman is a local optometrist, business owner and amateur photographer who was born in Houston but raised in Amarillo. At the early age of 6 he became interested in photography and was given a Kodak Instamatic camera to pursue his dreams. The first photo competition he entered was a Globe-News amateur photography contest. Unfortunately, the picture of his sister standing in front of The Pioneer Woman statue in Ponca City, Oklahoma was not even awarded an honorable mention. He did not give up. Graduating to manual and digital SLR cameras and their lenses opened up new worlds to what a camera could shoot in his hands.

“I am fortunate that I view the world through the eyes of an artist/photographer. I see beauty in everything. I am drawn to the part more than the whole, which may explain my focus on architectural detail. I favor black and white photography because it shows the vast layers of contrast between light and dark, which for me is symbolic of reality. I am in awe of how light (and enlightenment) changes so many aspects of the views we see into beautiful experiences.”

Sanctuary is the first public exhibit of Dr. Nossaman’s works. In this series he portrays places of solace, refuge and peace. It is his desire that the viewer can experience these feelings while viewing his art.