Luz Angela Crawford

Artist Bio

Born in Colombia and now based in Texas, Luz Angela Crawford has found inspiration in creating ceramic pieces modeled after the textures and techniques developed by indigenous cultures of South America. Luz Angela Crawford has an extensive international history. She studied art in Colombia, Italy, Spain, and the United States and has exhibited her handmade pottery in over a dozen solo and collaborative exhibitions since 1997. After studying fine art in Cali and Bogota, she went to ceramics school in Italy and attended workshops in the US and Colombia.

Highly textured and bright with color, her work has an organic quality and is closer to primitive decorative sculpture than typical ceramics. Everything she makes is ceramic, but it can take on the appearance of wood, reed, bark or leather. She favors earth colors but also uses colors of her own choosing. Her blue, which she uses on wall pieces and pots (sometimes incorporating natural elements such as seeds to activate the surface) is particularly successful. She dries each piece, fires it and applies glazes that may contain copper, iron, cobalt or clay.

Crawford is a free wheeler. .. each piece is molded by hand. Her work has a distinctly contemporary interpretation while still retaining the primitive expression. The clay Crawford uses comes from the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado. The colors in each work are achieved by mixing clays and using glazes applied to the surfaces. These glazes and the various types of clay give the art an organize natural finish. She incorporates the textures and decorative patterns of native crafts.

Natural, non-traditional tools are Crawford’s choice. She says using these simple tools to shape clay is a way to remain connected not only to her South American roots, but also to the earth itself. “There’s a connection I feel with the dirt,” she says. “It’s part of nature. I feel close to nature when I use clay. It’s such a free medium. I feel peaceful and free while I am doing it.”
Crawford’s pots and wall-hangings have appeared in local and national shows, including the Amarillo Museum of Art and the Colony Frame and Gallery, and she has been a featured artist at the Clarendon Arts Festival. Additionally, she is an active part of the art community and contributes to the local community through various philanthropic venues.

Crawford was a featured artist in the 2014 issue of “Ceramics Art and Perception,” a widely respected and renowned publication among the ceramic artist community.