Kristy Snell

Artist Bio

Inspired by the way people live their everyday lives, I strive to give viewers a glimpse into this modern reality that I find intriguing. Whether it be a downtown movie theater or a box of donuts, I want to portray a sense of familiarity and a connection to the piece, with which most can relate. Most of my pieces bring back a certain memory for me, whether it be waking up to the smell of fresh glazed donuts on a Saturday morning, or to the “smell of money” as my grandmother would say, describing the aroma of the cattle so prevalent in our area. My college professor introduced me to the works of Wayne Thiebaud, and I have since looked to his work as a source of inspiration and a sense of connection with another artist who I think “gets me.”

Inspired by the works of her mother, Kristy has been involved in some form of art since she was a small child. She took lessons as a child and classes in school, but never fully committed herself until college. The passion for art has been constant, but the discipline, motivated by faith, is what has shaped her into who she is today.
Kristy graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from Baylor University in 2004. She continued with a few Masters classes at WTAMU, and now continues to paint for herself, as well as for commissions and exhibitions. She typically works in oil, acrylic, and occasionally watercolor, but oil is her medium of choice.
Drawn to the reality of the everyday lives of others, she strives to portray that sense of familiarity to the viewers.
Kristy hopes to encourage other artists to look to the inspiration of our Creator and the guidance of His Holy Spirit to lead them into faith-filled works of art.

Exhibition HIstory
AMoA 12×12 Silent Auction and Exhibition, October 2015, 2014, 2013, 2007, 2006
The Object Gallery, August-September 2014
Red River Valley Museum, May 2010
AMoA Recycled show, 2010
WTAMU Cornette Library, 2008
Hastings Hardback Cafe, 2008
Faith City Mission Silent Auction, 2007
Randy’s of Wildorado, 2006
Roasters Coffee and Tea, 2005
Baylor University student exhibition, 3rd place, 2004