Judy Rogers

Artist Bio

Artist Statement, Perceptions of War

I had no idea what was waiting for me when I was invited to participate in “Perceptions of War”. It took me down a winding road of family memories, mine and others, historical images and patriotic posters. I had impromptu personal interviews, spent time in museum exhibits and researched public domain images of war at home and abroad. As a painter, it is my job to find a painting in all of these highly emotional scenes.

Any image of the flag or the Statue of Liberty makes my heart beat a little faster. My first painting in the series had to include both of these strong symbols of the patriotic American. It’s dramatic and full of history, our history.

Warriors leaving homes for faraway places come to life in letters from my dad in the Navy stationed in the Philippines in WWII. The images of old mailboxes visited many times a day in hopes of news from a son, daughter, or spouse came together as if the Master was moving my brush. When this happens you know when the last stroke is made and you lay down your brush that it’s complete. Don’t overwork it. It says what it needs to say.

The soldier away thinks often of his church back home and of the family of “prayer warriors” on their knees to keep him safe. My image of his church reflects that hope and faith.

Folks back home in WWII, as today, felt a great need to help their “boys” in any way possible. Victory Gardens sprouted up in yards and farms to put food on their table and allow more for the soldiers over seas. The old pickup loaded with produce is America proud. Today one of the ways to help a wounded warrior is joining him with a support dog. An impromptu conversation I had with a soldier in the airport lead to him describinghis challenge with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). At his feet was his support dog wearing the American Flag on his harness. Stroking his soft ears the solder spoke of completing their training as a team. This had to be a painting.

Flags were everywhere, especially after 9/11. Looking out over the ocean toward the pier, you can see the red, white and blue flying high. The image of our flag behind the mighty longhorn speaks to our strength and determination to protect our freedom and our people.

Captain America made one of his first appearances in WWII asking or rather “demanding that Americans buy war bonds! I had fun painting my version of his image and much admire super hero artists for their skill.

Patriotism is the thread that runs throughout my work. There has always been war and always mighty warriors have risen to protect those of us back home and we should never forget their sacrifice and that of their family’s.

I am honored to be a part of “Perceptions of War” and the Texas Panhandle War Memorial.

I love the Panhandle “skylines” and New Mexico landscapes. God’s own artwork from near and far is my inspiration.
Color is my passion. I see color in a tired old tumbleweed or on a wind-dusted sandstone. Add water or the blue green Santa Fe sky and that is heaven to me. God’s landscape is awe inspiring. To be able to share how I see His world on my canvas brings me much joy. To reconnect the viewer with a fond memory through my art is the best.
Actually, it is the best of the best.

Born in Andrews, Texas
Graduated Texas Tech University
Married to Steve Rogers, mother of two sons and daughters in law
grandmother to six grandchildren
34 year resident of Amarillo, Texas

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Art Education(all level) Texas Tech University
Special Education Certificate (all level) Baylor University
Masters of Art Degree in Painting and Drawing West Texas A&M University

Taos Artists Gallery Taos, N.M.
Cherry Hills Gallery Denver, Co.
Mi Casa Gallery Austin, Tx.
Godbolt Art Center Lubbock, Tx.
XIT Museum solo show Dalhart, Tx
Lubbock Artist Association Show
Square House Museum solo show Panhandle, Tx.
Masters’ Degree Show WTAMU Canyon, Tx
Rooster’s Cafe’ Amarillo, Tx
Right Angle Amarillo, Tx
Best of Show, Best of Southwest Amarillo, Tx.
Best of Show, Tri State Artists Assoc. Show
2014 Best and Brightest Show and Sale, Scottsdale Artists School Scottsdale, Az.