Jon Revett

Artist Bio

My current body of work makes connections by unifying Classical theory and contemporary practice. I employ tessellations as an armature to present an abstract personal narrative. My source material often comes from photographs, which are simplified into base hues, and these colors become the palette of my paintings. I then play on the symmetry of tessellations to activate my compositions through the use of gradients and altering the axis. My paintings could be read as treatises on color interaction as well as a pragmatic form of meditation.
My paintings use unifying geometric structures to establish a cultural dialectic. The tessellations operate as an aesthetic grid that allows me contextualize my sense of space and time. They abstract my memories, history, philosophies, and other ideas so I can present the human experience without attachment of representations. My goal is to achieve the same sense of peace that is at the center of many belief structures. By synthesizing diverse ideas, my work ideally teaches the viewer that opposites are not always in conflict and that we are all connected.

Jon Revett is an artist based in Amarillo, TX. Currently, he is Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing at West Texas A&M University. Revett’s creative genesis began with a trip to Robert Smithson’s Amarillo Ramp. Since that time, he has been published and lectured internationally about his experience with the earthwork. He still give tours of it and other land art works around Amarillo. He also established the now-defunct Yellow City Art Gallery in 1997, and recently curated a show at the Contemporary Art Museum Plainview featuring work inspired by Amarillo. Last year, Revett had a solo exhibit at the Slade College of Art in London after a month long residency there, and has an upcoming residency at Panik Studios in Mexico City.