Jeff Williams

Artist Bio

Raised in Perryton, TX, Jeff Williams is a native of the Texas Panhandle. Not only is Jeff a sculptor but a musician, a portrait artist, a woodworker, and a local businessman. Dr. Williams is the owner, doctor, and operator of Creek Stone Integrated Care & Spa in Amarillo, TX. Jeff’s father, Jerry Williams, is a sculptor as well. His early memories of his dad include his sitting at the kitchen table working on wax sculptures, going to the foundry, and seeing the amazing results. Jeff started his own journey in sculpting when his wife, Megan, noticed a sculpture that she expressed interest in buying. He felt that he could possibly create the same thing and decided to give it a try. That started Jeff’s journey of creating using bronze. Today, Jeff’s sculptures do not fall into any specific niche as his subjects run the gamut of his interests.