JDarrell Kirkley

Artist Bio

From the Artist:

        Art is an avenue of identified images released from the internal self.
Creating is the physical transfer of the unsecured release. If one does not
apply an effort, the imagination drifts unseen. – JDK

Having had a long career in the creative arts media of film/video and 3D animation, my career touched upon ideas and images that delivered messages of people, products and services. As a producer/art director, I created graphics and moving images that tied stories and promotions together.
Since a youth, drawing has been a natural for me; anything I looked at, I could transfer that image to paper. I have studied with several renowned artists over the years; together with applied technology, photography and experience, today they give me fresh opportunities to create and deliver striking images via digital medium.

My colorful art prints are reproduced with high technological techniques. In addition, I hand paint each print with a UVL protection of clear Polymer with brush strokes to give the print texture and extra light protection to maintain the color-fast pigments in the art. Each print is signed along with a certification of a limited edition. 

JDarrell Kirkley