J. Greg Burgess

Dallas and Amarillo Galleries

Photography, for me, is the perfect medium for the expression my artistic vision. Through the utilization of light, shadow, color, line, form, mood and element, this vision is one that I continually work to develop and refine. I enjoy looking for artistic composition in the simple as well as the complex, the actual and the abstract, the expansive and the intimate. Photography is a medium that is wholly compatible with my primary desire to experience, explore and share the beauty of the created World. Being an avid outdoors enthusiast, who relishes the opportunity to interact with nature and wilderness, photography enables me to go out often in search of natural subjects to uplift, refresh and inspire my spirit. By doing so, I find that our Heavenly Father – the ultimate artist – has provided infinite subjects to be marveled by. These amazing and inspiring subjects, many fleeting, are always active out there whether or not any human eye happens to be present to witness them.

This being the case, I most often work in the natural Landscape, but also truly enjoy photographing wildlife as well as interesting historical objects and locations. Being a banker by profession, photography provides me with an ability to gain release from the frenzied pace and stresses of the working world, as well as the ability to express and share my inner vision through this engagement with the natural world.

Greg Burgess has been a community banker in Amarillo for over 34 years. He is the Chief Credit Officer of FirstCapital Bank of Texas, N.A. with offices located in Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland and Horseshoe Bay, Texas. He also serves on several local and regional boards which include: Director of First Bancshares of Texas, Inc.; board member of the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce; the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Council; the Texas Tech University Rawls College of Business Administration Advisory Council; the Texas Tech University School of Banking Advisory Council; Chairman of the Boys & Girls Club of Amarillo and Canyon; and member of Westminster Presbyterian Church of Amarillo. Greg graduated with a BBA in Finance from Texas Tech University in 1980. He and his wife Sherry have two adult daughters, Jennifer and Sheridan Burgess.