Ginger Nelson

Artist Bio

As a child, Ginger Nelson loved to draw and create anything out of paper and color. Cartoon character drawings, cheerleading signs, and intense and constant doodling led Ginger to think about art school, but uncertainty about preparing a portfolio and job practicality put the stronghold on her passion for an art degree. Instead, she chose to study advertising hoping for some business school training blended with art classes. She left Texas Tech University with some teaching experience and degrees in advertising and in Spanish, none of which led to job opportunities that Ginger could picture herself pursuing. Convinced that art would always be just a hobby, Ginger flipped the switch into left brain mode and applied to law school.

Ginger spent the next two decades studying law and building a law practice. She is board certified in estate planning and probate law and enjoys the satisfaction of helping families plan for and navigate through challenging life circumstances. Add in the joys and demands of parenting three children, and there were precious few hours for even weekend forays into creative projects such as scrapbooking or painting.

Faith in God is very important to Ginger, and it was Ginger’s relationship with Jesus that led her back into art. She began drawing as worship, taking pencils and sketchpad to church every week to draw during singing and while listening to the teaching. Connecting with God through drawing, Ginger realized her creativity and desire to create were gifts from God that opened unique opportunities to encourage people. She connected her prayer life with drawing and began giving away drawings that represented prayers and words of encouragement for people. Ginger was often surprised by the strong emotional response a drawing received. Slowly she realized that she didn’t need to have a career in art when God was already using her art for an impact in people’s hearts.

Now with God’s purpose behind her passion, Ginger had permission to pursue art, intentionally investing time and energy to improve her painting skills. She paints with intense color, in a loose, impressionist style. She loves to paint people and figures because they tell a story and reflect the fabric of everyday life together as families and friends. She wants every painting to evoke an emotional response and hopefully connect the viewer to God’s love. She paints primarily in oils.

Ginger grew up in Spearman, Texas, and currently lives in Amarillo, Texas, with her husband, Kevin, and their three children.

Various independent projects including murals, 2008 to present
commissioned paintings, and book illustrations

Selected exhibitions:
Watercolors, Spearman Art Walk, Spearman, Texas 2014
Panhandle Paintings, Spearman Art Walk, Spearman, Texas 2015
In Your Face, Cerulean Gallery, Amarillo, Texas 2016

Hillside Christian Church (commissioned Christmas painting)
CareNet Pregnancy Center (five paintings), Amarillo, Texas
Olsen Park Elementary School (one mural, multiple drawings), Amarillo, Texas

Illustration Projects:
Puzzle Pieces: Putting Together a Vision for Learning, Alan Nickson, 2011
Stop, Breathe, Believe, Dianne Morris Jones, 2014