Fritz Danner

Artist Bio

We are, all of us, about some kind of business. I am about the business of making paintings.
I like the look of reflected light on a surface. I like the feel of paint; the thickness of it, and when it is thin and transparent.
I like the way “This odd thing is strangely related to that odd thing…” I like the look of a line on a surface, and I like the pattern of things. Different light can change the look of a thing, can make something familiar seem new again. Some images evoke new thought.
For me, painting is a plain and simple business which helps to quiet my mind and sometimes produces a worthwhile result.


Born: 1959, Indianapolis, IN
Early life- Anchorage and Fairbanks, AK – 1961-1978.
Studied painting with Peter Gallo at Middlebury College; Middlebury, VT – 1978-1980
BA, Art, Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA, 1983.
Staunton, VA – 1984-2000.

Mr. Danner currently resides in Amarillo, TX.