Elizabeth Weber

Artist Bio

Starting from a black canvas, I acknowledge that one must experience darkness in order to truly
see light. I seek out the light in every aspect of my life, searching for that sliver of illumination in
the midst of even the darkest of moments. Manifesting as a desire for connection, with those around me and to the life force within myself, this ever present longing for light drives and transforms the spark of inspiration to the fire of creation. Sometimes there may be only embers glowing from behind, threatening to fully ignite. Other times, the spark catches and flares, burning across the canvas. Through it all, I strive to create a vibrancy through my use of color. I truly feel that I did not choose to be an artist. Art is the thread weaving the fabric of my life, without which there is no sense of peace, fulfillment, or the ability to deeply breathe. It is a dance through which I experience that infinite place where ‘I’ disappear and time stops. I believe that when people are drawn to my art it’s because they sense the pulse of that dance. It is the experience of life’s dance, its ecstatic lights and depths of darkness, that shape and influence my work. I paint from my heart hoping to touch the soul of the viewer and fill them with lush colors, rich textures, and thought provoking imagery. Colors, bright and kinetic, urge the viewer to interact with the work, beckoning them to soak in the vibrant pools of colors and bask in the rays of light. I paint echoes of my life, giving the viewer a glimpse of my mind and soul, and a window to look within themselves. The intersecting of the work and the viewer’s perception transforms each painting into a living mirror. It grows and changes, reflecting the dynamic movement of our own inner landscapes. Once, upon viewing my paintings, I was told, “You gave flesh and bones to the mysterious.”

“I surrender to the breath,
filling my lungs
with the flames of desire.
Burning from within,
no longer holding on
to darkness, the past.
i surrender fully to Your light,
consumption making me whole.”
– eweber
Elizabeth Weber grew up in upstate New York, and although offered a scholarship to Syracuse University based on her art portfolio, Elizabeth was drawn to the mountains and natural beauty of New Paltz, NY, where she continued her formal art training. Elizabeth moved to Manhattan where she lived for several years before moving to Los Angeles, California. Elizabeth lived and worked for over twelve years there, creating and developing her unique style. While in LA she also painted theatre sets for an ADA and NAACP award winner playwright. Upon moving to Little Rock, Arkansas in 2005, she landed her first exhibit within 24 hours of arriving in town. Creating for over 30 years, Elizabeth cannot imagine living without it. She recalls a memory of when she got in trouble as a child for painting on a brand new ceiling tile she found in her basement. Asked about it she explains, “No, I did not ask for permission because I knew they would have said ‘no,’ and I really needed to paint.” Elizabeth’s serious focus and self-discipline is evident not only in the unique imagery of her paintings, but also in the breadth of her collectors which span from the east to the west coast, and the ever-growing collector base in her town of Little Rock, Arkansas.

“…Colour is a power which directly influences the soul. Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand which plays, touching one key to another, to cause vibrations in the soul.”
Wassily Kandisnsky


River Valley Arts Center, Russellville, AR 2015
Old Court House Arts Center. Woodstock, IL 2015
National Organization of Women Gallery, NY, NY 2015
Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA 2015
Regional Art Museum, Fort Smith, AR 2014
Boswell Mourot Fine Art, Little Rock, AR 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014,2015
Boswell Mourot Fine Art, Miami, FL 2012, 2013, 2014
Legacy Fine Art, Hot Springs, AR 2012, 2013, 2014
La Gardenia Gallery, Denver, Colorado 2011
McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas, TX 2009
ArtChurch, Hot Springs, Arkansas 2008
“Seeing Beyond the Visible Realm”, Solo Show 2007
“Art Is…”, Group Show, Clinton Presidential Center, Little Rock, AR 2007
“The Fragrance of Love”, Solo Show 2007
“One Light, Many Colors”, Duet Show, Local Color Gallery, Dallas, TX 2006
“Bewildered Footprints”, Solo Show 2006
“Celebration of Women”, Group Show 2006
“Aqua Viva”, Group Show, Oval Art Gallery, Little Rock, Arkansas 2005
“Beyond the Visible Realm”, Group Show 2005
“The Halls at Agape”, Group Show 2004
“Celebrating Women’s Strength”, Group Show 2004
“Artists for the Environment”, Group Show 2003
“Gypsies In My Soul,” Solo Show, Private Home, Venice, CA 2003


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Women’s Caucus for Art
The Alliance of Professional Artists
National Association of Professional Women
National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society
National Museum of Women in the Arts
Art Across Arkansas Artist
Arkansas League of Artists
Arkansas Arts in Education Roster Artist
Arkansas Artist Registry


Private collections available upon request

William J. Clinton Foundation Permanent Collection


Arkansas Children’s Hospital 2007-Present
Methodist Family Health Day Treatment School 2010-Present
Art Center of Stuttgart, Arkansas (AIE program) 2009-2013


Arkansas Artist of the Year, TOSCA Magazine
Selected Teacher, Envision U Summer Arts Program,
Sponsor’s Award, Artworks XVI, The Repertory Theatre, LR, AR
Arts in the Air: Petit Jean Mountain: Professional Artist Division
Chosen Artist, Argenta Public Art Project, North Little Rock, Arkansas
Selected Artist, “Jonah”, A Juried Art Competition
Acquisition by the William J. Clinton Foundation Permanent Collection
Staff Award Winner, Artworks XIX, The Repertory Theatre, Little Rock, Arkansas


1989-1992 Bachelor Visual and Fine Arts, SUNY College of New Paltz,
1999-2002 Teaching, CSU Dominguez Hills, Carson, CA


2004-2005 Painting, Freydoon Rassouli, Los Angeles, CA
Angeles:Fusionart Productions, 2012
Winthrop Rockefeller Institute University of Arkansas System New Paltz, NY