Elizabeth Dryden

Artist Bio

Texas native Elizabeth Dryden is a Contemporary Southwest Artist in the
Dallas/Fort Worth area making a wave and grabbing the attention of the Texas art
scene and beyond. The many layers intertwined together in her mixed media work
make each piece a lawless mystery to unfold. While colorful and lively in spirit,
there are volumes of information to be discovered below the textured surface.
Elizabeth is inspired by the mystery of the desert as a whole, but focuses her
artwork on the enchanting and indestructible flora and fauna that reside there. The
subjects of Elizabeth’s work are primarily cacti and indigenous animals, which she
uses metaphorically to express various life virtues hidden within the brushstrokes
of paint and various paper and textured mediums.
The natural beauty of the American Southwest has always fascinated Elizabeth. She
breaks down subjects and themes into a magical exploration of color and shape.
Further exploring cacti and various desert inhabitants in bright, vibrant Southwest
scenes, Elizabeth combines the paradoxes between longstanding traditional ideals
against modern society.
Elizabeth grew up in Dallas and has since relocated back home after leaving for
college and life’s adventures at the University of Arizona in 2000, which began her
lifelong fascination with the mystic of the desert. Graduating from Texas Woman’s
University with a degree in Art Education in 2005, she has since lived in Arizona,
Washington State, Kentucky, and Boston, before returning back home to her favorite
state of Texas. Elizabeth resides in Dallas with her cat Rupert and dog Pete.