Costa Christ

Dallas Gallery

Costa Christ is an internationally-published photographer and artist
based in Dallas, Texas. He and his wife, Jackie, are both Dallas
natives that met at SMU orientation in 2008. Today they work as
partners, operating Costa Christ Media, a highly successful brand of
architectural photography, since 2014 and Costa Christ Art, a fine art
photography series since 2021. Their passions include international
travel, cooking, health and wellness, interior design, cars and
In his development as a photographer, Costa’s creativity and
attention have been channeled into a new line of limited production
fine art photography prints captured across the world. As a well
known architectural photographer, he is constantly engaged in
critically detailed visual projects for talented leaders in the luxury
residential industry. His work is graded solely on an ability to evoke
positive emotion in each viewer. Understanding the importance of this objective, Costa pushes himself every
single day to master the craft with innovative technique and a relentless work ethic. In providing professional
photography to hundreds of businesses each year, it is sometimes easy to misplace the most valuable tool at
his disposal: a personal obsession with capturing beautiful places and things. With this series, he has
committed himself to a mission of sharing this obsession with the world, expressed in the form of impactful
colour, texture and light. Costa and Jackie have spared no expense ensuring patrons of this series will invest
in an exclusive brand of limited production fine art photography, skillfully crafted with the very finest materials
and techniques available. Every print in the series undergoes a sequence of specific inspections before it is
personally signed and numbered in its order of limited production.