Clayton & Sara Spaulding

Dallas and Amarillo Galleries

I have developed a body of work that embodies the principles of progress and growth of the
individual. Whether it is physical, psychological, or spiritual, growth must be a constant factor for a fulfilling life. Currently I have been interested in discussing how introspection is necessary for true personal growth. Understanding that I am the sum total of my experiences has laid the ground work for a deeper understanding of myself. Progress however only occurs through a deliberate investigation of self, deeper than “what” I have experienced. Understanding instead, “how” I allowed these experiences to shape me has become the primary question in my research. Through my personal voyage I discovered that asking “what” was only the door to true reflection, and could be dangerous if lingered in for too long. I instead began to ask, “How did I become who I am?”. Asking “how” draws the focus back to us, and forces us to accept that every experience in our life has shaped us based on our interpretations. As I began to investigate my reception of current experiences, I started to make connections to my past. Further exploration of my former self ushered me into a vast network of experiences. Investigation of a single experience would in turn lead me network to network as far back as i could remember. It was not until I stepped back however, and assessed my experiences as a whole that I began to unearth patterns in my nature. These reoccurring experiences acted as an inventory through my journey of introspection. Once I understood the pattern I could begin to cross-reference “how” my interpretations developed me into who I am today. The beauty and significance of understanding repetition in my nature, and the growth which stems from it is the motivation for my work.

Clayton Spaulding was born and raised in the Texas panhandle. During his childhood, he was inherently drawn to the exploration of artistic expression. With painters and wood workers on both sides of the family, Clayton was never short of an artistic outlet. It was through these outlets that Clayton developed a love for working with his hands. Through high school Clayton continued to practice art, but only as a hobby. It was not until college that he decided to pursue art as a career. During his second year of college Clayton was introduced to glass art. Glass beguiled him and quickly became his preferred medium. Glassblowing due to its immediacy and physicality has been his primary focus, over cold worked, or kiln cast glass. However, through his studies Clayton gained experience in all facets of glass art. Through the West Texas A&M University glass program, Clayton has been able to study under and interact with some of the biggest names in glass art today. Visiting Artists such as Katrina Hude, Rob Stern and Tom Kreager have dramatically influenced the way in which Clayton interacts with glass as a medium. Clayton’s technical repertoire as well as his aesthetic were immensely expanded during a trip abroad. He was asked to assist artist and professor Chad Holiday at the International Glass Symposium in Novy Bor, Czech Republic. This experience allowed Clayton to study the variations in technique and aesthetic from an assortment of glass artists from all over the world. Currently Clayton and his family live in Dallas, Tx where he and his wife Sara work for Carlyn Ray Designs glass blowing studio. Clayton is also the Education Coordinator and lead instructor for Dallas Glass Art, a public outreach branch of Carlyn Ray Designs.