Bug in the Box

“All of our insects are ethically and humanely sourced after they have passed away naturally in museums, farms, and sanctuaries across the country and the world. These farms enable the preservation of the Lepidoptera & Insects within their natural habitat. Raising or collecting insects to sell is the only incentive many indigenous peoples have to save their tropical forests. Villagers plant caterpillar food plants and sell the adult butterflies that develop on those “extra” food plants (a process known as “butterfly ranching.”) Villagers realize that the forest can be a continual source of income. That gives them great incentive to protect their areas. Money earned pays for children’s schooling, medicine and simple living needs. They now have cash crops of butterflies which does not require forests clearing and land destruction. Virgin tropical forests are declining at an alarming rate – over half have been cleared in the last 40 years. The case for saving tropical forests is clear. Support comes from buying “products of the rainforest.” – Bug in the Box