Cerulean Gallery Inspires a “Vivid Imagination” at Upcoming Exhibition



Dallas, July 25, 2008 —Cerulean Gallery announces its next exhibition, “Vivid Imagination” which will run August 15 – September 29. The Artists’ Reception will be held on Friday, August 15 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.


Featured artists will include:


  • Robin Hazard-Bishop, Hot Springs, AR – Pastel and ink on suede board, landscapes
  • Leslie Friedman, Dallas – Fused glass wall sculpture and free standing sculpture, abstract
  • Z. Jacobson, Santa Fe, NM – Glazed ceramics, 3-D wall sculptures, abstract
  • Xan Sinclair Koonce, Georgetown, TX – Oil on canvas, abstract
  • Peter Robbins, Allen, TX – Digital photography on canvas hand-embellished with jewel-toned oil pastel and personal photographic documentary of cowboy life


“This exhibition, ‘Vivid Imagination’, creates a visual feast that stimulates the senses with the use of strong and vivid palettes,” said Caroline Crockett, owner of the gallery.  “Furthermore, each artist takes the mundane and makes it exciting.  Their work becomes a catalyst to inspire the viewer’s imagination.”


Robin Hazard-Bishop, a Cerulean favorite, is inspired by color evidenced in her strong and vibrant paintings.  “As an artist, I try to express in the simplest and clearest point of view an entire experience, interpreted from images and surroundings I have seen or felt,” said Hazard-Bishop. A graduate of Southern Methodist University in 1984, her fine art degree focused on painting, drawing and printmaking.  She has exhibited throughout the U.S. and has many corporate and private collections.  Her drawings have been featured at the Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth as part of the Creative Process - Drawing Symposium.


Leslie Friedman’s passion for hot-fuse glass and stained-glass works is rooted in over 35 years' of design and graphics experimentation in a wide variety of arts media.  She spent a lifetime honing her artistic talents in painting, graphic design, interior design, mixed media, and a full-range of clay and pottery work, before turning her attention fulltime to glasswork.  Friedman’s recent work synthesizes immediacy and substance with evocativeness and meaning, while retaining a lively and playful insouciance and an overarching feeling of "fun".


Z. Jacobson’s current work is about juxtaposition. It is about the challenge of using contrasting elements we choose not to combine; unusual and extreme color palettes, patterns colliding with patterns, textures on different scales, and amorphous contours with spikes. Jacobson’s art is the embodiment of her exuberant personality. Her ceramic sculpture is organic in nature, and reflects an intensely personal vision which pushes the limits of both clay and color juxtaposition. She enjoys working in her eclectic Santa Fe home and studio, which serves as a whimsical world that abounds with color and artwork of all kinds.


Xan Sinclair Koonce was born and raised in West Texas where the only vivid color that permeated the bleak landscape was the endless blue sky. Today, she resides in Georgetown, Texas, where she has grown to appreciate the color and beauty that Central Texas reveals.  Koonce takes the beauty she sees around her and abstracts it to gain greater insight into her personal life.  Once inspired, she unapologetically applies seductive and radiant colors to her paintings as an expression of her growth, strength, control and endurance.  As she paints, her primary concern is conveying a sensual experience through color, line and composition. 


Peter Robbins began his career as a photojournalist and fashion photographer traveling through Europe, the Middle East, and Central America.  There he worked regularly for the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and Dallas Times Herald newspapers.  In 1983, Robbins moved back to the US where he has pursued fine art portraiture, commercial, and fine art photography.  He has always been passionate about capturing the essence of people on film.  His current work focuses on the days of the cowboy on the trail, the campouts and the open range; images that today exist only as vanishing remnants – a flash here and there to remind us of where we come from. Robbins has a unique perspective, a cowboy with a camera, and an eye for the kinds of bright colors that come only from the heart.


Cerulean Gallery is located at 6609-A Hillcrest Ave in Snider Plaza.  Hours are from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday –Friday, and Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Please call 214.739.BLUE (2583) for additional details, or visit www.theceruleangallery.com.


About Cerulean Gallery 

Cerulean Gallery is a contemporary gallery located in the heart of the Park Cities and was founded in 2006 by Caroline Crockett, who graduated with a degree in fine arts from Southern Methodist University in 2002. The gallery features the work of established and emerging artists, local and SMU-affiliated artists, along with Crockett’s own artwork. In addition to featuring 12 annual exhibitions and providing art consulting services, Cerulean Gallery focuses on benefiting the community through ongoing support of SMU and area high school art students in addition to working with local philanthropies. Most recently, art classes have been made available to the public, taught by renowned artist Virginia Marum.  Additional information can be found at www.theceruleangallery.com