Get “Lost in the Process” at Cerulean Gallery



Dallas, September 15, 2008 — Cerulean Gallery presents its next exhibition "Lost in the Process" featuring five artists whose work experiments with the process of layering various mediums to create abstract and realistic expressions.  A wide variety of works will be showcased including encaustic, oil on canvas and mixed media on wood. The exhibition runs from October 3 – November 17, 2008.



Featured artists will include:


  • Audrey Johnson, St. Louis, MO  –  Transitional, mixed media on canvas & paper
  • Jane L. Troyer, Dallas –  Abstract expressionism, tempera and watercolor on canvas
  • Carmen Menza, Highland Village, TX – Abstract expressionism ,oil on canvas
  • Donna Finch Adams, Denison, TX – Realism, encaustic on canvas
  • Jonathan Millet, Rowlett, TX – Symbolic imagery and abstract, mixed media on paper



“ This exhibition focuses on the art making process as a powerful form of creative escape for both the artist and viewer,” said Caroline Crockett, owner of the Gallery, “The featured artists allow their methods to often times guide their final image, and in doing so they invite the viewer to get lost in the process.” 


Audrey Johnson is inspired by abstract expressionism, a movement that had a lasting impression on her. She likes to experiment with shapes, compositions and mediums so the paintings take on a life of their own.  Like the processes in classic Abstract Expressionism, her work embodies a deep emotional expression that does not reflect the real world, although, most of the items are recognizable and built up through layers of medium and bold brush strokes.  She received her BFA from Washington University.


Jane Troyer’s technique is a complex one due to the fragility of the medium.  She uses tempera & gouache, both water-based mediums, on a wet canvas while using the constant flow and movement of the paint as a dance in which she harmonizes shapes, colors and rhythms. The process allows her paintings to carry over into her subconscious bringing forward a string of memories while she paints.  The final piece and its bold shapes and colors show the transparency of the water-based medium and allude to their temporary nature.  However, in order to sustain the medium, Troyer has devised a sophisticate technique to maintain the transparent quality but prevent it from becoming fragile.


Carmen Menza draws parallels between her music and her artwork capturing life’s fleeting moments in bold colors. Having received her BFA in jazz guitar performance from the University of North Texas, she is also a singer/songwriter, musician and performer. She has always practiced her visual arts, whether in painting or as broadcast graphics designer. Similar to Jane Troyer, Menza’s work captures the spontaneity of the process.  “I create my art because I am passionate about the process and inspired by the extraordinary way a piece of exceptional art can make you stop in your tracks. It’s as if the canvas reaches out and pulls the viewer right into its fibers.”  The viewer may bring in his or her own personal experience to add to the interpretation of the piece – or they may just get lost and absorbed by the beauty of her process.


For more 40 years, Donna Finch Adams has studied, taught and created all types of art in all mediums. She received her MFA from Sam Houston University in and a Doctorate in higher education from the University of North Texas. Her pieces in this exhibition use a process of mixing wax and oil medium onto wood.  The thick, encaustic texture is built up to create the images.  During the past 20 years Dr. Adams has served as an adjunct faculty member at a variety of colleges and universities throughout the DFW area, most recently at Southeastern Oklahoma University. Many of her students have gone to become professional artists, crediting Dr. Adams as central to their success. Her work is displayed in Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma and on the Internet. She has prints in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Arts in Washington D.C. Today, she continues to instruct as well as promote fine art on radio, television and in the print media.


Jonathan Millet’s artwork explores the combination of the digital image in the printmaking process with his own juxtaposed printed, painted and drawn personal images.  Millet’s artwork has been exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout the United States, England and Spain.  He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Biola University in Los Angeles and his MFA in printmaking from the Pratt Institute.   His process involves layering images and integrating various techniques to produce the final image.  Viewers can stare at his work for long periods to attempt to uncover how he accomplished the result.


Cerulean Gallery is located at 6609-A Hillcrest Ave in Snider Plaza.  Hours are from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday –Friday, and Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Please call 214.739.BLUE (2583) for additional details, or visit


About Cerulean Gallery 

Cerulean Gallery is a contemporary gallery located in the heart of the Park Cities and was founded in 2006 by Caroline Crockett, who graduated with a degree in fine arts from Southern Methodist University in 2002. The gallery features the work of established and emerging artists, local and SMU-affiliated artists, along with Crockett’s own artwork. In addition to featuring 12 annual exhibitions and providing art consulting services, Cerulean Gallery focuses on benefiting the community through ongoing support of SMU and area high school art students in addition to working with local philanthropies. Most recently, art classes have been made available to the public, taught by renowned artist Virginia Marum.  Additional information can be found at