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Cerulean Gallery Features “Correlation”


Dallas, August 16, 2007 —Cerulean Gallery announces its next exhibition, “Correlation” which will run September 7 – October 15. The Artists’ Reception will be held on September 7 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.


Featured artists will include:


  • Jonathan Millet, Dallas – Mixed media collage
  • Robert P. McGraw, Dallas – Mixed media collage
  • Lois Thompson, McKinney, TX – Mixed media collage, assemblage, and sculpture
  • Susan Hanson, McKinney, TX – Mixed media collage, assemblage, and sculpture


“In this exhibition, there is a direct correlation between the artists, their methods and styles,” said Caroline Crockett, owner of the gallery. “Jonathan and Robert each have their own unique style and imagery, but the method in which they layer and collage their mediums is very similar largely because Jonathan was Robert’s art instructor and mentor in high school.  Lois and Susan are a mother/daughter team, who collaborate on each piece using found materials as their primary medium, creating collages, assemblages, and sculpture.”  


Jonathan Millet’s artwork explores the combination of the digital image in the printmaking process with his own juxtaposed printed, painted and drawn personal images.  Millet’s artwork has been exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout the United States, England and Spain.  He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Biola University in Los Angeles and his Master of Fine Arts in printmaking from the Pratt Institute. In 1992, Jonathan and his wife Jennifer moved back to their hometown of Dallas where Jonathan was hired to teach art at Trinity Christian Academy, a K-12 college preparatory school in the suburbs of Dallas.


“My artwork employs both symbolic images and personal motifs, which reflect on the ordinary qualities of life in proximity to the sublime,” said Millet.  “I am interested in the exploration of how life is often seemingly compartmentalized, but yet reflects a purpose.  We wear varied hats in our lives and often it seems as if there is randomness within these roles in which we are entangled, motivated and exposed.”


Robert P. McGraw has studied art his entire life.  Born in Dallas, he attended Trinity Christian Academy where he studied under the trained eye of his mentor, Jonathan Millet.  McGraw received his degree in advertising from Southern Methodist University.   His works are interpretations of his personal experiences and observations.  McGraw layers symbolism, patterns, and mediums to visually and metaphorically create depth to convey his messages.  In this series, McGraw focuses on studies of life cycles: creation, destruction, manipulation and rebirth.  Each piece goes though an extensive process, which frequently consist of almost equal quantities of destruction and creation.  The layers are applied and then subsequently removed leaving sometimes only a trace of their existence.   McGraw feels that the study of his subject is just as important and meaningful as the message he works to express through that subject. 


Lois Thompson and Susan Hanson are a mother and daughter who share a passion for art.  Through their work, they contemplate symbols, striving to engage both intellect and intuition in the pursuit of deeper levels of awareness. It takes both minds and efforts to complete a piece of art.  For example, Hanson might start a piece and work on it to a certain point, and then Thompson will pick up where Hanson left off – either completing the work, going back and forth, or working on it at the same time.


“Correlation” is Susan and Lois' ninth collaborative exhibition.  They have previously shown in Kansas City, Leawood, McKinney and Dallas. Lois resides in Leawood, Kansas and received her MA in Printmaking from the University of Missouri at Kansas City.  She has studied abroad in Italy, Greece and Mexico. Susan, a 17 year McKinney resident, received her BFA in Art History from the University of Kansas, Lawrence.


“Correlation” will be sponsored in part by Sterling Bank. 


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