Cerulean Gallery Features “Uncommon Composites”



Dallas, February XX, 2009 Cerulean Gallery announces its next exhibition "Uncommon Composites" which features four artists who all challenge the concept of composition in art – the way shapes, lines, and color are used harmoniously and aesthetically to create a final piece.  The opening reception is February 20, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.  The exhibition will run from February 20 – March 30, 2009.


Each artist in this exhibition combines a variety of mediums through a unique approach to composition with their individual collections of memories, experiences and vision, to create bold and colorful artwork that exudes life,” said Caroline Crockett Kneese, owner of the Gallery. 


Exhibiting artists include:


o       Xan Sinclair Koonce, Georgetown, TX  – oil on canvas, abstracts

o       Lisa Bartleson, Santa Monica, CA – mixed media with high gloss resin, abstracts on panel

o       Liz London, Dallas – mixed media collage and assemblage on canvas

o       Cheryl McClure, Longview, TX – acrylic on canvas, abstract landscapes


Cerulean brings back the highly-collected works of Xan Sinclair Koonce whose abstracts are buoyant and color filled, often times emulating florals.  The appeal of Koonce’s paintings lies in her unapologetic application of seductive and radiant colors, conveying a sensual experience and a passion for beauty that is a perfect addition to any interior.  Unusual and bright color schemes as well as bold brush strokes are the strength in her unique compositions.


Lisa Bartleson's work can be described as lustrous with the multiple layers of high sheen resin on top of mixed media application.  Her newest series explores the layers of topography made from different bands of colors.  Each piece features patterns of varying weights and rhythms, intended to evoke the perception of breathing or pulsing.  The viewer will not only be stunned by the techniques but the splendor of the overall compositions.


Liz London, creates multifaceted mixed media collages that illustrate poems, songs, and stories in a complex collection of text and imagery.  Pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle, her assemblages feature multiple layers, deeply infused with stories, symbolism and double entendre. Each piece reveals a story that goes deeper than just the aesthetic approach stirring the viewer’s thoughts and imagination.


Cheryl McClure's acrylic on canvas uses subtle colors and tones to create abstracts that often resemble landscapes broken up by shapes and forms.  She works with acrylic paint, layering it to create depth and quality in the design. McClure’s compositions are often broken up by unusual choices of colors dissecting the plane of the painting. 


Cerulean Gallery is located at 6609-A Hillcrest Ave in Snider Plaza.  Hours are from 10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday – Friday, and Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Please call 214.739.BLUE (2583) for additional details, or visit www.theceruleangallery.com.


About Cerulean Gallery 

Cerulean Gallery is a contemporary gallery located in the heart of the Park Cities and was founded in 2006 by Caroline Crockett, who graduated with a degree in fine arts from Southern Methodist University in 2002. The gallery features the work of established and emerging artists, local and SMU-affiliated artists, along with Crockett’s own artwork. In addition to featuring 12 annual exhibitions and providing art consulting services, Cerulean Gallery focuses on benefiting the community through ongoing support of SMU and area high school art students in addition to working with local philanthropies.  Additional information can be found at www.theceruleangallery.com